Covid-19: Stay connected with workers during the coronavirus crisis

Connect with, update and rehire the people you are being forced to furlough or let go

Connecting is quick and easy

Much simpler to manage than using spreadsheets or clunky HR systems. Accessible by your people, even when furloughed

Provide engaging updates

Post rich, visual updates to keep your people engaged and informed. Also receive comments and reactions to get instant feedback

Prepare to get back to business

Create as many talent pools as you need to stay organised, and simplify the process of getting everyone back to work with automated check-ins

Free for small businesses

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Create an account in 30 seconds

Stay connected with everyone

Furloughed Staff

Keep your staff informed in an organised and engaging way, without them having to access work email or devices. Share news, ideas and updates as to when they can get back to work.

Advice for businesses furloughing staff

Laid-off Staff and Contractors

Stay connected with the staff and contractors who've been laid-off as a result of the Coronavirus crisis. Keep in touch so when things get back to normal, rehiring them is much simpler.

How it works